Lawyers for traffic accidents and negligences in Fuengirola

Because there are accidents that can be avoided, at LAITOM ABOGADOS we help you with claims for damages, accidents and professional negligence.

  • Claims for damages
  • Medical malpractice
  • Claims for traffic accidents: car, motorbike, skateboarding

Car accidents

In the field of road traffic accidents, our Fuengirola lawyers offer a wide range of services aimed at safeguarding the rights and interests of those involved in such incidents. This includes legal representation of victims seeking compensation for injuries sustained, property damage, loss of income and other related expenses.

At LAITOM we are expert lawyers in car accident cases in Fuengirola, we know the legal framework governing road safety and traffic regulations in Spain to ensure that your clients receive fair and just compensation. We provide advice on matters such as determination of liability, insurance claims, negotiation with insurers and litigation if necessary to achieve maximum compensation for our clients.

Litigation 90%
Negotiation with insurance companies 95%
Maximum compensation 100%

Medical negligence and damages

Our lawyers also specialise in medical malpractice, playing a crucial role in defending people who have suffered harm due to substandard medical care. We assist in conducting thorough investigations into the circumstances surrounding the alleged negligence, gathering evidence, consulting with medical experts to assess the standard of care provided, and pursuing legal action against the responsible parties.

We provide legal assistance for a wide range of personal injury claims, covering various types of personal injury, property damage, contract disputes and other civil matters. Our legal professionals provide comprehensive representation to individuals seeking compensation for losses suffered as a result of the wrongful actions or negligence of others. They evaluate the merits of each case, advise clients of their legal rights and options, and devise effective strategies for obtaining maximum compensation.