Criminal defence lawyers in Fuengirola

From the moment of an arrest until the trial, at LAITOM ABOGADOS we defend both the detainee and the victim in all types of crimes 24 hours a day.

  • Trials for minor, serious and very serious offences
  • Speedy trials
  • Gender violence
  • Assistance at the police station and in court

LAITOM ABOGADOS: specialists in criminal law


Our lawyers in Fuengirola take on a fundamental role, acting as an advocate for the accused or the victim, guaranteeing the protection of their rights within the Spanish legal framework.

For the accused, the lawyer acts as a staunch defender against the authority of the state, meticulously scrutinising the evidence, formulating persuasive legal arguments and providing strategic guidance taking into account the nuances of Spanish criminal law and procedures. A competent defence lawyer in Spain is committed to upholding the presumption of innocence, challenging the prosecution’s arguments and fighting for a fair trial. Our Fuengirola criminal lawyers will engage in negotiations, exploring possible plea bargains and striving to secure the most favourable outcome for the accused, whether through exoneration or mitigation of penalties.

When representing a victim in Spanish criminal proceedings, the lawyer plays a key role as an advocate for justice. This involves asserting the victim’s rights, facilitating the victim’s participation in court proceedings and presenting a convincing case to hold the offender accountable within the Spanish legal system. The lawyer acts as an intermediary between the victim and law enforcement, guiding them through the investigation procedures and defending their interests during court proceedings. In addition, the lawyer can apply for restitution on behalf of the victim, seeking compensation for the harm suffered. Whether defending the accused or representing the victim in Spain, the lawyer has the mission of safeguarding the principles of impartiality, due process and the rule of law that are fundamental to the Spanish criminal justice system.