Lawyer for claiming amounts in Fuengirola

Whether in order for payment proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings or out-of-court claims, at LAITOM ABOGADOS we represent you in the entire process of claiming amounts.

  • Order for payment
  • Exchange
  • Out-of-court claims for payment

Order for payment, exchange and out-of-court claims

The order for payment procedure is a judicial procedure that allows to collect money debts quickly and easily, without the need of an ordinary judicial procedure, requiring the debtor to pay or justify the non-payment. The exchange procedure is a special judicial procedure to claim payment of bills of exchange, promissory notes or other exchange documents. Out-of-court claims are legal actions aimed at collecting debts outside the formal judicial framework, often by means of letters of claim, direct negotiation or mediation before going to court.

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Efficiency 100%

At LAITOM we are lawyers in Fuengirola in which we can boast great competence and experience in payment order protocols, guaranteeing fast and successful claims for amounts owed. We have a proven track record in claims for amounts owed.