Employment lawyer in Fuengirola

At LAITOM ABOGADOS we assert your rights as an employee and help you in the defence and procedures related to your work, from dismissals or claims, disability or pension management or even criminal situations arising from your work.

  • Dismissals
  • Claims for damages
  • Disability
  • Penalties
  • Harassment at work
  • Pensions

Labour Law

Labour law encompasses a set of legal principles and rules governing the relations between employers, employees, trade unions and the government within the workplace. Its main objective is to establish and maintain a balance of power between employers and employees, ensuring fair treatment, the protection of workers’ rights and the promotion of safe and equitable working conditions. Labour law covers a wide range of issues, such as hiring practices, wages, hours of work, discrimination, workplace safety, collective bargaining and dispute resolution.

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At LAITOM Abogados, in addition to having lawyers of various kinds such as immigration lawyers in Fuengirola, we also have a employment lawyer in Fuengirola who knows well the framework of interactions between employers and employees, and advocates to safeguard, following the current labour law, the interests of his client. The laws in the field of labour law are constantly changing, due to the great technological advances that have taken place in recent years and the changes in the way people work. This makes it necessary to be continually at the forefront of the regulations and judicial precedents that occur… And at LAITOM we are always in the front line defending the interests of our clients.