Real estate lawyer in Fuengirola

Whether you are thinking of buying a property or if you need to prepare all the paperwork to rent it, if you have problems with the construction or need help with the eviction of your tenants, at LAITOM ABOGADOS we will help you with everything you need for your legal needs related to any property.

  • Resident and non-resident sales and purchases
  • Evictions
  • Rental management
  • Construction defects

Real estate law

Real estate law is a legal framework that regulates the ownership, use and transfer of real estate, covering land, buildings and associated rights. It regulates property rights, contractual arrangements in real estate transactions, land use and zoning regulations, deeds and titles, financing arrangements, landlord-tenant relationships, easements and covenants, environmental considerations and real estate litigation.

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The legal field of real estate law addresses a broad spectrum of legal issues, including contract formation and enforcement, compliance with local zoning laws, dispute resolution and licensing, and the conduct of real estate professionals. Real estate law varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, reflecting both state and local regulations. We at LAITOM abogados know this very well as we are real estate lawyers in Fuengirola and are familiar with the specific laws applicable in the region.