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At LAITOM ABOGADOS we firmly believe that your case needs a personal approach. Therefore, beyond being a lawyers and solicitors in Fuengirola, LAITOM ABOGADOS is a legal office that helps you to defend your interests in the most direct and efficient way possible with a close relationship in which honesty, transparency and proximity combine to offer you the best legal services.

Solicitors in Fuengirola

At LAITOM ABOGADOS we defend your interests and assert your rights from different legal areas with the firm commitment to defend all your legal needs.

Family Law

Family law is the body of legal rules and institutions that regulate the personal and property relations of the members of the family.

Immigration lawyers

We take care of all the legal procedures for your residence or nationality in Spain. From the acquisition of nationality to the homologation of diplomas through to authorisations, assistance, claims or extradition stays.

Criminal law

From the moment of an arrest until the trial, at LAITOM ABOGADOS we defend both the detainee and the victim in all types of crimes 24 hours a day.

Claiming amounts

Whether in order for payment proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings or out-of-court claims, at LAITOM ABOGADOS we represent you in the entire process of claiming amounts.

Real Estate lawyers

Whether you are thinking of buying a property or if you need to prepare all the paperwork to rent it, if you have problems with the construction or need help with the eviction of your tenants, at LAITOM ABOGADOS we will help you with everything you need for your legal needs related to any property.

Accident lawyers

Because there are accidents that can be avoided, at LAITOM ABOGADOS we help you with claims for damages, accidents and professional negligence.

Labour and Social Security

At LAITOM ABOGADOS we assert your rights as an employee and help you in the defence and procedures related to your work, from dismissals or claims, disability or pension management or even criminal situations arising from your work.

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Lawyers with expertise in different legal areas

At LAITOM Abogados we are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services in various fields. Specialising in family law, criminal law, real estate law, immigration law, as well as claims for damages and accidents, our law firm is committed to offering tailor-made solutions to each of our clients.

In the field of family law, we understand the sensitivity and complexity of issues such as divorce, child custody and spousal support. Our family law lawyers navigate through these complexities with empathy and precision, ensuring that our clients’ rights are safeguarded. In criminal law, we advocate for our clients, fighting for fair and just outcomes.

In real estate law, we offer guidance through property transactions, addressing legal complexities to secure our clients’ interests. In addition, our expertise extends to assisting foreigners within the Spanish legal landscape, and we are well versed in handling claims for damages arising from accidents and negligence. LAITOM Abogados, your trusted lawyers in Fuengirola, for comprehensive legal representation to defend your rights and interests.